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Palletizing robots
The robotic palletizer uses a FANUC robot technology such as automatically palletize a variety of products. The products discussed can range from consumer products to the secondary food of automobile parts. The cell is shown palletizing plastic buckets on Euro pallets and product cased on standard pallets, GMA and includes two input conveyors for product and two output conveyors for the product palletized. Tier sheets are placed between the layers of product during the palletizing cycle. The robot manages all products, pallets and sheets level making this a very cost effective and efficient palletizing cells. Magazines for top-level sheets and pallets are loaded cart lift. Available options include: 1in / 1out, 2in / 2out or a variety of input and output configurations, delivery pallets, the top-level asset management, further conveying of product or pallet order multiple of the tool arm configurations.
Area loading Machines
The AutotechGroup provides a portable low-cost automation platform for machine tending, part marking or part inspection. A single drawer system is used for the storage of parts for which the customers supplied fittings are placed in the drawer, providing places substantial part of robotised unloading. This system incorporates the latest robotic technology, which allows the operator to load the system and standing while the parts are processed automatically. The RoboCart can also be configured as a cell inspection part for independent operation with a vision system. Pin stamping, marking or measurement of laser configurations are also available. The available options include: vision camera and the illumination for random / withdrawal part not fixed equipment in the tray, conveyor part in place of the system of drawers, gravity chutes for the part of input / output in place of the drawer system, machine interfaces are available: O Link / FANUC I, digital, other industry standards.